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I Help Female Entrepreneurs Go Pro And Become The CEO Of Their Business They've Always Wanted To Be 


Being "The Nice Girl" Isn't Going To Build Your Dream Business...

My special power is to help you create the character that allows you to achieve your wildest dreams.
What has shaped me to be a world class coach were my own struggles in ALL areas of life that matter: health, wealth and relationships. It was my own pain and challenges that made me study human psychology, why we do what we do and how to change.


I remember asking myself the question: “To what extent could I change?” The reason I was asking this question was because I was not happy with my reality but for some strange reason years were passing and I seemed just stuck and no matter how hard I tried I’d always get back to square one which was just simply painful. And in my desire to improve myself and my own life I have gained an extensive practical knowledge of how true transformation really happens. Not from books but from getting my own life back on track and beyond. Somewhere along the way I have not only healed myself and exceeded my own expectations, I have mastered the science of personal transformation and people took notice and started to ask me for advice.

I wanted two things:

To have a business and to be financially rewarded enough so I could quit my job and have a nice lifestyle. As a single mother in a full time job it was a reasonable goal, no?

I thought that since my skills were so amazing, the business side of things would just take care of themselves somehow? (The curse of the “Nice Girl” mentality…)

Four (Yes. 4!!!) failed businesses later, in debt and totally exhausted by trying to do all that others told me to do… I finally looked inside and understood that it was my character that needed to evolve… I did not need to read another book. I needed to stop being a people pleaser, the nice girl who’d work herself to the bone for a minimum pay.

I found my inner CEO, I raised my standards, worked my butt off and created the business I wanted.

As I enjoyed working with women, I started to see something quite disturbing among my clients...

The same traits of the “Nice Girl” I had that were stopping me from thriving in business.

I saw brilliant women feeling bad about asking to be paid their worth… “Because what if they won’t pay that much”?

I saw them getting exhausted and not able to deliver quality work… “Because if I hire help at home then I’m not a good mother”?

I saw them being mistreated by their clients… “Because they paid me… so I should be available to them at all times?”

I saw them give up on their dream and get back to their jobs… Because maybe I’m not cut out to be an entrepreneur… I don’t want to sit on social media all day?”

I saw them struggle to pay their rent… “Because selling is dirty and I’m scared of it anyway… it’s just not for me!”

I saw them crying their eyes out, feeling like a loser… “Because I do all the positive affirmations in the world and the results are still no here?!”

I saw them fail at their business… “Because to succeed all you need is lifestyle pretty pictures and all will be good, no…? All others do that… isn’t that what I should do too?”

I saw them in pain… “Because… I’m not like them… I’m not confident…”

I saw them give up on themselves… Because I am who I am… always been this way and my character can’t be changed…”

I saw them paying the price of being the naive, nice girl... "Because I just want to help people... I didn't know it makes me a business owner?"

I saw them go crazy with envy… “Because I have amazing skills, why she has it when she’s not even good at what she does and it’s not working for me?!”

I saw them listen to their own BS stories… “Because I’m a foreigner I can’t have an international business”

But the most heart breaking one of them all was … I saw them buy in the delusion that being The Nice Girl… the helpful one, always there, a good person, not wanting too much… will somehow get them the breathtaking reality they wanted… An amazing business having an impact on the world and providing them the lifestyle of freedom, completely on their terms, they quietly dreamed about every night.

I saw how much pain being an amateur causes.

Those women had to make serious internal shifts.

As they shifted from the “Nice Girl” to the Empowered CEO Female Entrepreneurs and finally see their business as a real and serious thing… their results skyrocketed.

The CEO Female Entrepreneur was born out of the desire to help women on the path of personal and business transformation that had the complete solution in one place, who they needed to become to experience the reality they desired

CFE is full on an definitely not for the faint of heart.

I strongly believe that true transformation begins with having the courage to finally tell ourselves the truth about where we’re at now. And if that means that you’re in the shit then that’s awesome! From that truth and only from that point, you can finally start moving forward! Whatever that means for you, if you want to work with me, you need to be willing to face the reality. 

What Thriving Female Entrepreneurs Know That You Don't

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Few More Facts About Me

I came to UK aged 21 to learn English for a year. I NEVER thought that I was going to make London my beloved home. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifices to build a life from scratch. At one point I found myself practically homeless with no job and £70 in my pocket! No friends, nowhere to go… Ended up living in a hostel, sharing my room with 4 men (scary!) and had to walk to work as I could not even afford a bus ticket.


I got a job as a Glass Collector (yes – that invisible person who ONLY collects glasses and washes them, all day long) as my English was improving… Had one white shirt that I wore to work (hey- it was prior to Primark’s cheap clothes..) that I used to wash in the communal kitchen sink every night. The kitchen was filled with drug addicts smoking crack…


It was definitely the most formative time to building my character. Back then I thought I was a coward scared of everything but now I draw my strength from those times and know that ALL struggle is temporary.


I then worked my way up to become a restaurant manager, then moved into financial industry and worked my way up again to the management level for one of the major British banks.


Once I reached “the comfortable” level of life, my purpose started calling stronger and stronger and I knew I was meant to work with people and help them make changes in their life.


I failed 4 times (!!!) at 4 different businesses before I found out where my zone of genius was… Or rather that I built the character that allowed me to finally produce the results I craved so much. I also know that I had to go through those failures to gain the skills I have now.


I used to work with ex-offenders and even worked in prison. It was an amazing, life changing experience for me and an incredible opportunity to study human psychology and behaviour in depth. I learned so much from my long coaching conversations with so called criminals that I would not trade this time for anything. If I had to choose, this was my most fulfilling job I ever had. It taught me to truly never judge another human being and also that people really do have an uncapped potential for change and improvement.


The secret? Attitude and owning it.


I’m a mum to a cheeky, little girl who teaches me so much about how to have fun and… patience!


I’m passionate about empowering my clients to fully claim their power and become who they need to become to create the results they want so much. It is ALWAYS about who you are being before you can get what you want.

I believe in mastering the basics. When working with a client, I normally get them doing less rather than more and really master the vital few with full focus that will help them achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

I will hold the highest standards for you and you won’t get away with any bullshit stories that you’re telling yourself that are stopping you from reaching for full potential.


I have experienced more adversity than a fair share for one person. I would not change anything though as it has helped me build my character and also showed me that it really is not about the circumstances and not about what happens to you but about how you choose to respond to what happens to you that will ultimately shape you and your life.


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