Alex on "Everyday Inspiring Women" with Jessica Burrell

It doesn't matter what your starting point is, what matters is that you keep going, working on yourself and progressing UNTIL you become the person you need to be to achieve all your goals. 

Had a such a great conversation with Jessica Burrell from "Everyday Inspiring Women" podcast. We talk about how to let go of your inner "nice girl" and finally MAKE THINGS HAPPEN on your terms. 

Click here to listen to the interview and HERE to subscribe to the podcast for more inspiring interviews! 

Alex x


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Alex on "Dreaming And Doing" podcast With Nicky Raby

Ohhhh! What a delicious conversation this was! We talked creativity, letting go of the "nice girl" and so much more!

Click here to listen to the interview now.



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Alex on "Adversity To Advantage" podcast

We had an amazing conversation with Petra about how your moments of fear will define you. 

Click below to listen to the interview.


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Telling My Truth About What It Really Takes To Transition From Being An Employee To An Entrepreneur

I never had an entrepreneurial spirit or potential. I never had a lemonade stand as a kid nor did I have any money making ideas. Quite frankly I was just a very ordinary kid raised in a not particularly happy or ambitious family that had its own issues. 

I failed 4 (yeap!) businesses before I broke through, I was totally clueless about business, accounting scared the shit out of me but… here I am running my company and working with clients around the world. 

Those are just my truths and my perspective about what it took for me, in my circumstances, as an immigrant, a single mother and with zero capital to invest in my business. It was just me in my living room with my laptop trying to make things happen.

I hope that this can shed some light on the reality in times where you hear messages such as “why would anyone get a job in today’s world?!” (I don’t like that kind of disrespectful messaging to be honest, jobs are essential for...

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4 Radical Tips To Fight Off Distractions And Get Your Work Done!

Let's talk the BIG elephant in the room. The REAL reason why your business isn't as successful as you'd like it to be by now.


And a word of warning, this post might be a get a bit radical but... where radical results are required... radical action should be taken. So if you want to progress in your business FAST you really do need to take charge in a way that you're dealing with distractions. Now.

It seems like with the technology evolving so fast, the amount of distractions just keeps raising. Wherever you turn, left, right in front of you or behind you... there's a distraction waiting to pull you away from doing what is IMPORTANT.And you simply cannot let that happen.


We now know, confirmed by science that multitasking is a myth, and in fact each time you get interrupted and switch from activity to activity you areliterally losing precious brain powerto refocus again.

Here are awesome tips to help you boss the distractions out of your busy entrepreneur's...

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The Super Simple Yet Powerful Secret To Creating A Successful Online Business


Start Before You're Ready.

Ever wondered if there was a secret, every successful entrepreneur knew but you, somehow didn't?

Ever though that there was an elusive, mysterious way to create an online business? Well, then if the answer is yes then you'll love this simple yet powerful video!

If you've been following me for a while then you'll know my humble beginnings of coming to the UK, not knowing any English, working as a Glass Collector in a bar and slowly working my way up to create the so called, regular life and then, further, becoming an entrepreneur and building my online business completely from scratch, with no capital to invest, no skills and sadly... no guidance.

If there was ONE piece of advice I wish I knew and listened to... the answer is in today's video. 

Start Before You're Ready.


That's it.

This is the most valuable piece of advice I've ever received and I only wish that I gave myself permission to follow this advice sooner! So much time is wasted,...

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5 Critical Stats You Must Be Tracking To Improve Your Online Business

Lets talk about figures, shall we?



You have no idea what I mean?

I understand that it can be easy to get wrapped up in our emotions and wallow in despair "why is it not working for me???!" and so if this happens to you then you will love this video as it will bring you a lot of clarity as to what you should be tracking in your business so you no longer feel like you're in the fog, trying to guess why your business is not where you want it to be.

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.

~ Peter Drucker

Watch the video now to learn more about the stats you should be tracking in your business.

5 Critical Stats You Must Be Tracking To improve Your Business

Stat #1

Your Website Traffic

There are no excuses for you as a business owner to not be tracking your website traffic. All it takes is to set up Google Analytics and voila! You can see how many visits you get, where in the world the traffic is coming from, how long people spend on your website and even what page gets...

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7 Powerful Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Every Single Day To Grow Your Business

In today's world it can be really hard to stay focused on the right things, especially if you're trying to build a business and you're wearing all the hats... However as a business owner you need to be asking those simple questions everyday to see your business growth skyrocket.

Question One

Have I reconnected with my why today?

It is an absolute must to you reconnect with your deeper why every singe day before the madness of the day starts. Why do you do what you do? Why are you prepared to get out there and hustle? Why? My why is my family, I want to be a great role model to my daughter and also make sure that we can have an amazing lifestyle and I can be present in her life and fit my business around our family life. What's your why? And on those difficult days when nothing goes your way or when you fail... It's even more important to reconnect with your why as it will keep you going.

Question Two

How can I serve my audience best today?

When you're in online business your main...

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How To Deal With Negativity From People While You Are Building Your Business

I can still remember the bitter taste of my fathers' critique and the never ending list of reasons why someone like me could never make itin business:

  • You're a foreigner, no one will buy from you
  • Your surname is awkward, people won't trust you
  • Your accent is foreign
  • You don't look look right and you don't show teeth while you smile (yes, he really said that, ouch!)
  • Your background is so different that they will not relate to you
  • You don't have the skills
  • You don't have access to funds
  • You don't have enough time, it's not possible in your situation, you're a single mum with a full time job, you just won't have the time to put in the work
  • People like you don't do that kind of stuff

And many more. Each and every time I would get crushed.

Literally crushed.

For weeks.

After all it was just me, my daughter and him. That's it. Me providing for our family and him supporting me with childcare while I was trying to get my business off the ground in the time I had available. I was self...

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