4 Radical Tips To Fight Off Distractions And Get Your Work Done!

Let's talk the BIG elephant in the room. The REAL reason why your business isn't as successful as you'd like it to be by now.


And a word of warning, this post might be a get a bit radical but... where radical results are required... radical action should be taken. So if you want to progress in your business FAST you really do need to take charge in a way that you're dealing with distractions. Now.

It seems like with the technology evolving so fast, the amount of distractions just keeps raising. Wherever you turn, left, right in front of you or behind you... there's a distraction waiting to pull you away from doing what is IMPORTANT.And you simply cannot let that happen.


We now know, confirmed by science that multitasking is a myth, and in fact each time you get interrupted and switch from activity to activity you areliterally losing precious brain powerto refocus again.

Here are awesome tips to help you boss the distractions out of your busy entrepreneur's schedule:

Strategy #1 GET LOST.

Yes. Get lost and and switch off ALL notifications.

If people can't find you, they can't interrupt you. 

So just switch all those notifications off. On your laptop. On your phone. New message coming in, new email coming in, new comment of your FB post. STOP it ALL from coming in. Instead make it work on your schedule. You decide when you will respond emails There's an awesome tool called Boomerangthat helps you take charge of your inbox and decide how many times a day you want to receive email or maybe you do not want to receive anything at all for he whole day while you're doing your deep, creative work, the choice is yours! I use it and can't recommend it enough! Ohhh and did I mention that it's free as well? Double win!


Running a business involves so much buuuuusy work. Answering emails, responding to social media posts, paying bills, updating your website, doing your accounting. All those need to be completed for your business continue to exist but none of those will get you sales which are essential to you staying alivein the world of business. The important work could involve creating your new content and spread the word about your business or it could be connect to your mail goal you want to hit in the next 90 days, it could be time spent to write the book you wanted to write for a log time. It could be reaching out to potential clients and building those important relationships. You want to block out 60 mins to 120 mins in one go and just go, go, go at this ONE activity until it is completed or until the time is done, if this is a repeated task.

Now, I totally get that working continuously for 60 mins with zero distractions can be challenging but I promise you if you adopt only this strategy, the area you are trying to impact will transform FAST. Start small, 30 mins (switch your phone to silent the put it out of sight, in a different room is best!) then get a simple kitchen timer and get to work! Work your way up to 60 mins or even 90 mins of uninterrupted work. You will be shhhhhocked how much you will be able to accomplish!

And if you find yourself going too often to a certain website, such as FB or some other website you find it difficult to stay away from... it's time for heavy guns. Use an app called "self control"(works great on a mac, not sure it it works for other types). You simply type in the "guilty of stealing your attention" website and voila! It blocks any access on it for the chosen about of time. And no. You can't access the website even if you re-start your mac. I tried. Once the timer is ticking, the only way you can get back the website is when the time finishes. I absolutely love, love, love this tool as it simply eradicates those micro interruptions. It does wonders for your self discipline muscle do as over time you simply forget to try to click on that other website and you remain focused on your important work.


There you go.

I said it. Don't throw stones at me. It's not forever and it's mostly about those unplanned social events.

Here's the thing. When you're working on a big project and a friend calls you up and says: "Hey! How about we catch up over lunch?" You know, deep inside that you should continue working but you say yes and only intend to stay for 40 mins. But you need to get there, stay there and get back. Your friend has just been through a break up and so she orders a bottle of rose. And your afternoon work is done. This is amateur behaviour and will get you more regrets than progress. Especially that if you're hangover, the day after, the quality of your work will be affected again. It's time to value your time more and schedule social time in a way that suits you and after your prioritiesfor the day, week or month have been met. And then... ohh how sweet it tastes to chill with your friends and celebrate another win in your business.


I did say this post wold get radical so if you're still reading, I did warn you..

You have a drink, the nest day you're hangover and you crave junk food. The day after you're hangover after stuffing yourself with the junk food. Ok, ok... I get that you may be more disciplined than I am but never the less... This has worked wonders for my energy levels, the quality of my sleep and therefore for my creativity. If you want serious progress, I highly recommend heavily decreasing your alcohol intake to 1-2 drinks on a weekend only if you feel this could be right for you, eliminate it altogether for 90 days and just see how you do.

There you go.

Only 4 super simple things to implement. If you dare, you will watch your business and profits soar. Guaranteed.





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