Alex on Your Biz, Your Rules Podcast, With Daire Paddy


I have something exciting for you! If you're a PEOPLE PLEASER WHO HAPPNS ALSO BE IN A PROCESS OF BUILDING A BUSINESS... you'll love this! 

We were meant to have a single interview but Daire decided to make all the topics we wanted to cover into a mini series and this is the first one, there are another two coming up for you in the next two weeks! ⁣

In this episode we talk about “How to do it your ways even as an introvert and a people pleaser”... Yesssss... totally guilty of being a people pleaser in the beginning of my business!

And trust me, your business will only grow the the extent that you WORK ON YOURSELF, people pleasing included. Yes! It is totally possible to cure yourself of this bad habit (I call it a habit because it's just a mental pattern you keep running in your head). 

If you struggle with this... time to learn how to stop being a people pleaser and build your business YOUR WAY. Click here to listen to the full interview and be sure to subscribe to the podcast for more inspiring interviews with women who are going for it! 


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