5 Critical Stats You Must Be Tracking To Improve Your Online Business

Lets talk about figures, shall we?



You have no idea what I mean?

I understand that it can be easy to get wrapped up in our emotions and wallow in despair "why is it not working for me???!" and so if this happens to you then you will love this video as it will bring you a lot of clarity as to what you should be tracking in your business so you no longer feel like you're in the fog, trying to guess why your business is not where you want it to be.

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.

~ Peter Drucker

Watch the video now to learn more about the stats you should be tracking in your business.

5 Critical Stats You Must Be Tracking To improve Your Business

Stat #1

Your Website Traffic

There are no excuses for you as a business owner to not be tracking your website traffic. All it takes is to set up Google Analytics and voila! You can see how many visits you get, where in the world the traffic is coming from, how long people spend on your website and even what page gets...

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7 Powerful Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Every Single Day To Grow Your Business

In today's world it can be really hard to stay focused on the right things, especially if you're trying to build a business and you're wearing all the hats... However as a business owner you need to be asking those simple questions everyday to see your business growth skyrocket.

Question One

Have I reconnected with my why today?

It is an absolute must to you reconnect with your deeper why every singe day before the madness of the day starts. Why do you do what you do? Why are you prepared to get out there and hustle? Why? My why is my family, I want to be a great role model to my daughter and also make sure that we can have an amazing lifestyle and I can be present in her life and fit my business around our family life. What's your why? And on those difficult days when nothing goes your way or when you fail... It's even more important to reconnect with your why as it will keep you going.

Question Two

How can I serve my audience best today?

When you're in online business your main...

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How To Deal With Negativity From People While You Are Building Your Business

I can still remember the bitter taste of my fathers' critique and the never ending list of reasons why someone like me could never make itin business:

  • You're a foreigner, no one will buy from you
  • Your surname is awkward, people won't trust you
  • Your accent is foreign
  • You don't look look right and you don't show teeth while you smile (yes, he really said that, ouch!)
  • Your background is so different that they will not relate to you
  • You don't have the skills
  • You don't have access to funds
  • You don't have enough time, it's not possible in your situation, you're a single mum with a full time job, you just won't have the time to put in the work
  • People like you don't do that kind of stuff

And many more. Each and every time I would get crushed.

Literally crushed.

For weeks.

After all it was just me, my daughter and him. That's it. Me providing for our family and him supporting me with childcare while I was trying to get my business off the ground in the time I had available. I was self...

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The Best Strategy To Become More Valuable In Your Business

The only way to successful business is to be so valuable that people are prepared to give you their money in exchange for your services. Easier said than done.

So what is the best strategy to become more valuable in your business?

Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself on a regular basis.

Make investing in yourself a part of your budget.

When you regularly invest in yourself a few magical (well not so magical but the results might feel like they're magic!) things start to happen:

You Become More Skilled At Your Craft 

As you become more skilled at your craft, guess what happens... Your reputation grows, the word of mouth sends you new clients and as a result you can charge premium prices. If you stay at the same level however, none of it will happen. Your income grows only as much as you do.

As You Earn More, You Can Outsource More 

When you are just starting out, you need to do everything in your business. Sometimes, if you're lucky you're able to outsource some technical...

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A Terrible Thing Happens When You Don't Promote

I challenged myself to give you the most valuable advice when it comes to building your business, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Here it is.

This video is so short that you really have no excuses, watch it now.



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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Charging Per Hour In Your Coaching Business

If you are a coach who is worried to switch from charging hourly rates to premium price packages then today's video is perfect for you.

What I hear from women entrepreneurs is that they are worried to make that change as they're scared they will lose clients. That's not true, watch the video now.

Reason #1

It takes time to create a truly meaningful change. 

Clients come to you when they normally deep, deep in their issues. Sometimes it took them years to get that point. They tried everything and they realise that they need expert support to overcome their problems. It takes time to untangle everything and when you charge per hour there simply isn't enough continuity for the clients to create long lasting changes. Also psychologically, every time when you need to ask them if they want to sign up for another hour they need to be making a new buying decision and potentially you will need to overcome new set of objections.

Reason #2

A package allows you to create a deeper...

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3 Ways To Create More Trust With Potential Clients... So They Want To Buy From You

Do you want to know the number one factor that makes a potential client become your paying client?


They simply trust you.

They trust your expertise and believe that you will help them create the results they're after.

When you build a tribe of followers who trust you, your income skyrockets. Literally skyrockets. It takes time to build and once you're there you better manage that trust well as once broken it is very, very, very difficult to rebuild. In some cases, you can never rebuild trust.

3 Ways To Create More Trust With Potential Clients

One - Be Consistent In Your Messaging

This is by far the number one way to create more trust with your potential clients. I'm sure that you have seen one of those "experts" who are a life coach on Facebook, a business coach on Pinterest and a sales coach on Twitter. And yes I do understand that you may want to change the direction in your business as you evolve... I used to help women with emotional eating before I moved to business...

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4 Step Process To Get Clients Online Consistently

I believe in simplicity.

Simplicity is key to success.

It keeps your out of overwhelm and makes achieving your big goals actually attainable.

And so in the spirit of this belief lets talk about the only 4 things that you need to master in order to build a thriving online business and attract clients consistently.

Here's simply what needs to happen:

One - They see your stuff online & optin into your email list

This could be a post on FB, an image on Pinterest, an article with a link to your website... They might hear your interview on a podcast, the combinations are countless. The article takes them to your landing page that offers a valuable information such as free report and they optin into your email list.

Two - You give them value & nurture the relationship with them through your email newsletter

In the world where our inbox busts with emails it is crucial that you take time to write interesting and engaging emails. Otherwise you'll get deleted or even...

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The Number One Condition To Build A Loyal List Of Fans And Clients For Your Business

If you are a new coach or an aspiring online entrepreneur, watch this video. You will really benefit from it and get a deeper understanding of what it actually takes to build a loyal list of fans and clients. Your business cannot exist without them so here we go:

You Need To Give Before You Can Ask For A Sale

You Need To Give In Order To Receive

So few people get it right, be one of them and your business will skyrocket before your very eyes.

Hey, I get the fact that we are in business to earn money. However, this is super important especially if you're just starting out...

If You Think That Just Because You Are Great At What You Do Clients Will Come Running... You're In For A Big Disappointment 

Here's Why It's Important To Selflessly Give, Give Give

One - You establish yourself in the marketplace. It takes time and energy to create a position for yourself in the marketplace and there is no better way than giving to accomplish that.

Two - You Build Your Reputation. ...

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How To Easily Express Your Coaching Expertise In A Single Sentence

Do you go to networking events?

Great! It's a part of every successful expert's strategy.

The question is, can people understand from the second you introduce yourself what it is that you do? I meet so many talented women who fumble when it comes to introductions...

"I'm a life coach, I can help anyone with anything! You know.... Life's tough... That's where I come in... (nervous laugh)

Sounds familiar?

The people who you meet at conferences, networking events, anywhere... Could be your potential clients or could refer clients to you or you could end up collaborating... Either way, it is important that you can introduce yourself with grace, ease and explain your expertise with clarity.

When you introduce yourself you want people to know whatyou do, whoyour work with and what is the outcomeof working with you. That's sexy and attractive. Ambiguity isn't.

Here's a simple formula to create your own introduction:

Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a ________ .

I help ________ to ________ so they can...

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