How To Use A CTA To Grow Your Business Online

Using a CTA - Call To Action is one of the most important things you should be including in your daily strategy to help you grow your business online. Yet you would be surprised that not many people use it.

What Is A CTA

A CTA is simply a Call To Action that you should be using in all your marketing materials. It should be used in your emails, in your social media posts, in your videos, everywhere.

Why Use A CTA

We use CTA to prime and condition your potential clients to take small actions such as like your post, comment on your article, click on the links in your emails. Essentially our human brains are wired in a way that they need to be specifically told what to so otherwise if there is not CTA at the end of you marketing piece the potential client has no next step and so you are risking them living your site and potentially never coming back. It is about taking them on a journey.

How To Use A CTA Well

You want to use CTA sparingly and strategically. The general rule is that you...

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Are You Lazy OR Is It Self Sabotage?!

Ok, so today's video topic is probably is sticky one...

If you know, rationally that you need to be doing something to achieve your goals yet you're not doing it...

Are You Lazy OR Is It Self Sabotage?

I really wanted to dive into this topic because so often we have ideas that we want to implement whether that's in life or in business that we know we should be implementing but we just can't bring ourselves to do it OR we do take the action and as soon as we start seeing positive results we stop doing it. A perfect example of that would be a woman trying to lose weight who is eats healthily, exercises and when people start noticing the changes and compliment she shuts down and puts the weight back on... She then beats herself up that she let herself down again... She doesn't understand why she always stops herself from achieving it and brands herself as weak, lazy or other labels...

Same goes for business.

There is a time when you need to ask yourself a...

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Why You Need To Offer Discovery Calls If You Want A Steady Flow Of Clients

A Discovery Call is a call that you hold with a potential client so they and you can see if you are a good match for each other so they can make an informed decision to invest in your premium one on one coaching program. Would you sign up to work with someone for 3 months or longer without getting to know them well first? I don't think so, I certainly would not. Same goes for your clients.

Here are some do's and don'ts for holding your Discovery Calls:


  • Be super present with your clients during the call.
  • Release the outcome of the call. This one is huge if you are just starting out as a new coach as there might be a lot of pressure for you to make money. However if you're constantly thinking "how can I make her buy from me???!" in your thoughts then you can't be fully present with your potential client and go deep to really find out if you are a right match. Trust me, if you sign someone up just for the money they will turn out to be a nightmare to work with.
  • Take...
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The Secret To Exponentially Grow Your Coaching Business

You're a coach because you have a huge heart for helping people.

You're a coach because you really truly care about people changing their lives and you want to help them make those changes.

You are the one who selflessly will coach for free in your pursuit to make this world a better place.

But you also need to pay your bills.

If you have been struggling to grow you coaching business so it can support you financially then watch today's video to find out about the one, crucial change you can make immediately to start growing your business like... erhm... a business.


It's About Making That Tiny Switch That Will Change Your Results Forever.

"Emotional Private You"Thinking Style

  • Being strategic is wring and against my huge heart
  • It's not me... just don't do that kind of stuff...
  • I just want to help everybody

Here's the thing. The "Coach You" that you're being with your clients is emotional and it is your compassion, patience and the skill of going deep...

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4 Ways To Make Your Clients Have More Respect For You

So your client calls you while you're out with you family and says that they have this project going on and that she really, really needs to take a look at it right now. As you pour your heart into your work you dutifully excuse yourself from your family gathering and open up your laptop to look at her project so you can give her immediate feedback...

Over time an interesting thing starts to happen. You receive more and more requests from your clients, you sacrifice your private and life all to sincerely help them but guess what... Their respect for you has decreased and you are not sure what you've done wrong... If this sounds like you then watch the video now to learn about 4 simple yet powerful ways to make your clients have more respect for you.


4 Ways To Make Your Clients Have More Respect For You

One - Self Care 

This is one so early dismissed by new business owners as they strive to do everything, be everything AND deliver amazing results for their...

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Is Your Cultural Belief System Holding You Back?

The house number 13 doesn't exist in my countryI was born in.

The reason why?

Number 13 is unlucky.

Since it's the 13th day of the video challenge what a better way to celebrate it than to talk about those superstitious beliefs that we have been conditioned to have.

Don't ever talk about your dreams, you'll jinx it.

Fit the in the line, don't grow to be a high poppy.

Don't do a blog post number 13, it will bring you bad luck.

I'd like you to pause for a second and think

Where Your Very Own Cultural Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Your Business Success?

I'm huge and a very seriously skilled "limiting beliefs hunter" because I know that most of what is holding you back is under the surface, in your mind.

A True Conscious Creation Starts From Being Aware Of What Conditioning You Have And Then Making Careful Decisions, One By One Which Beliefs You Want To Keep And Which To Let Go Of.

Do whatever you need to do to become aware of your own conditioning so you can start...

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It's Not The Best Book That Becomes A Bestseller aka Why You Need Online Visibility

Has it ever happened to you that you heard everyone talking about a bak and through those recommendations you were enticed to but it only to realise that it was a cheap, poorly written piece of crap? Been there. Watch the video now for more on that topic.


I don't care how big of a heart you have or how great you are at what you do. In today'd world that's simply not enough.

For As Long As You Expect Client To Come To You Simply Because You Are Great At What You Do, You Will Remain Broke. 


And because I do care about your success I need you to realise that when you have a huge heart for helping others you need to match it with a good business sense and a great online visibility strategy because

You So Deserve To Make A Living (Aaah A Living And Beyond!) From Your Hard Earned Skills.

To schedule a Discovery Session with me simply click here.You will be taken to fill out an application so I can get to know you better and then...

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Is This The Missing Link In Your Money Manifesting Practice?

Ok, so today I might have little bit of a tiny rant however I do feel that it needs to be said.

There is so much going on in the online world at the moment about the law of attraction and money manifesting practices. Don't get me wrong, I myself am a huge fan and use money manifesting techniques but the more I talk to women the more I see that there is a missing link here.


I hear a lot of them say: "But I'm doing all the visualisations, I'm writing my goals, I meditate on it, etc." And when I question them closer it turns out that in 99% cases they are not set up to receive the money!!! 

Their client contracts are not written, their online payment system is not set up to receive the money, the have no way of collecting leads online... I mean...

The Universe Wants To Give You The Money More Than You Can Even Imagine BUT You Need To Be Able To Receive It.

It breaks my heart how many talented, worthy women are setting themselves for...

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