Hey High Achiever!

Want to fulfil your highest potential and create a life that is so good you want to pinch yourself? 


Let go of your biggest enemy aka the inner critic and little miss perfect, dive deep into what YOUR version of success looks like, discover who you need to become to create it and fully and unapologetically claim that life, without overworking or sacrificing your personal life. 


Private Transformation Program

Is this you...

  • You’re already a high achiever, no one has to push you to work harder… it’s more of a how do you stop and rest kind of situation for you.
  • You’ve already created success but… you have a deep hunger to find out how far you can really go? Yet, you’re scared of the bigger game and quietly thinking… can I really do this? Is it ok to want to have it all? 
  • You’re your own worst critic and beat yourself up for not doing things well enough… yeap, you know all about the little miss perfect that lives inside you. One that has you procrastinating instead of taking messy, imperfect action to create the “seemingly” impossible breakthroughs.
  • On the outside, people think you’re such a go getter and you’ve created success but… on the inside… in the quiet corners of your soul… you’re almost embarrassed to truly embrace and OWN your own success and brilliance.
  • You take on way too much and you know it but… you just d.o.n.t.k.n.o.w.h.o.w.t.o.s.a.y.n.o. Did I really say “NO”? Hmmmm… you rarely or never say no and keep piling more and more on your plate, because…. Pssst…  no one can do it as well as you can… or… because isn’t it rude to say no? Secretly, you do worry what others think of you and you don’t want to be “that bitch”... 
  • You find receiving difficult… whether that’s receiving, help, support or compliments. 
  • Your personal life suffers due to all of the above, maybe you’re single and feel like you don’t have time to date or… maybe you’re already in a relationship but feel like there’s no time to have quality time with your spouse and you’re drifting apart.
  • Before holiday you freak out on the very thought of not working… or… hold on a second… what was the last time you had a proper holiday anyway? 
  • Self care what? You have no idea how to take care of yourself or… your idea of self care is having a bubbly bath… because you need to clean yourself at the end of the day anyway. 

Here's How We'll Work Together:

Please note that below are general areas we’ll cover to learn more about what you and your unique circumstances are in order to create a 100% tailored coaching experience for you.

  • This is a 4 months private coaching program.
  • First, you complete a high level initial client assessment where you unpack the past so I can learn about you and identify opportunities for growth. Just this one document will have you reflect more deeply on your life than you have in years and that’s before we even meet for our first session!
  • Then you'll complete a comprehensive life assessment, where are you now? What areas of life/work are doing well and what areas you want to focus on and grow.
  • Based on completing the two documents above, you’ll get clarity on what is standing in the way of you creating that dream life where you are being the absolute best version of yourself.
  • Once we know the “WHAT” (what results you want to create) we’ll dig deep into the “WHO” (who do you need to be so those things manifest in your experience), you will create a clear, multidimensional identity of your desired self.
  • Once we have all those things nailed down, the WORK begins… you go away from your sessions to implement, you take action, you create new experiences, you practice a new way of thinking (from your highest self rather than from the fear based lower safe) and you come back to each session with more and more insights… things are starting to shift for you 
  • The rest is MAGIC. This is where your program becomes 100% customised and revolves on exactly what you need to get the results that are important to you. No cookie approach here, no one size fits all. We’ll go as deep as necessary and no topic is off the table. This is not an experience for that faint hearted who want “stay in the lines, always polite & professions coaching blah, blah, blah.. This is where we go deep, get messy, address the uncomfortable and CREATE NEW REALITY.
  • This 4 months coaching program is delivered through private sessions. We meet online 3 x month so you get 12 sessions in total, over the course of 4 months. Your first session is 2 hours and the 11 follow up sessions are 60 mins each. You also have unlimited access to me via email or whatsapp so you can feel supported in between your sessions too. 

How To Apply

  • First, click the button below and it will take you to a separate page where you can schedule a call and also fill out an application form. 
  • At the end of the call one of two things will happen, either we're a perfect fit to work together and we'll get that under way OR...  if this is not a right fit then I'll recommend what would be best for you and we'll go separate ways. Either way, you'll have a professional look at your situation and give you advice on what would best for YOU. 

Watch Client Interviews

Clare Gilham, Marketing Director
Sophie Wedlock, owns a nutrition business

Why Work With A Coach

You’re already successful, I get it and guess what, every high performing athlete has a coach. Same for a woman like you. You want to grow, you want to tap into YOUR highest potential and for that a support system that is separate from you is required.


Someone on the outside that gets you and your dreams and can also skilfully guide you to streeeeeetch your mind beyond your wildest dreams… and then streeeeetch some more. I keep you there, in that unknown potential so you can become the best version of you, create success on YOUR terms and unapologetically rule your kingdom the way that suits YOU. 


Isn’t that selfish, you might think… to put yourself first? To organise your life and work in a way that suits YOU? Nope… because here is the pay off… 


When you are at your best (because of all the support systems you’ve put in place) you can GIVE your best to the people who matter the most to you. It’s a counterintuitive approach that creates a win win life where when YOU flourish… evvvvryone and evvvvvrything around you flourish as well. 

This Is How You Get To Have It All Without Doing It All!

"My main struggle was sales calls, I was terrified of them! I had no problem in booking them but just couldn’t convert them into clients and my energy was dropping every time I was talking about money. After going in depth into what was actually stopping me and really getting to the bottom of why my sales calls were not producing results, I now can drop so deep with a client and make them an incredible offer that feels so good and I’m totally unapologetic. Alex is very strong and did not let me off the hook until I knew exactly what I was doing wrong and how to fix it to get results. It was tense at times but she is fierce about her clients getting the transformation they came for. Thank you so much! "

Eugina Oleinikova
Pleasure, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, UK

"I have achieved my highest paid month ever since working with Alex! It was a 10/10 investment I made in my business! Before I was frustrated and was struggling to make consistent monthly income and lacked confidence and business structures. I love Alex’s direct approach which can be challenging at times but I know that it comes from a place of being committed to me success. Her non compromise accountability has allowed me to finally achieve the up level I was looking for. I am finally growing into the inspirational 6 figure woman I aspire to be."

Sophie Wedlock
Nutritional Therapist, UK

"Alex is an amazing business coach and mentor. She competently took me through the start up phase of my business, breaking down what felt like an overwhelmingly large task into manageable steps, helping to prioritise these with me, and then helping to keep me focused and accountable to deliver. The strength of being coached by Alex is that not only does she understand and get the business side of things, she is also a brilliant mindset coach. This sometimes means going places that are uncomfortable - but are necessary - to get the breakthroughs to really push forward. In the time I worked with Alex, I went from not wanting to be visible and finding money a 'dirty' topic, to launching my website, learning to network, attending an expo and booking myself in as a speaker - as well as not being afraid to now confidently ask for what I am worth because I have shifted my money mindset and see it as an energy/value exchange. Being coached by Alex really has been a life changing experience. I have already recommended Alex to a friend, and if you are looking for a business coach that will go on the journey with you, won't take your BS, but always is coming from a place of love, then I highly recommend her to you as well!"

Lindsey Hood
Imposter Syndrome Coach

"Alex is an absolutely genius mindset coach and I really value everything she did around this. She also kept me brilliantly accountable! I was very worried about being visible in my business and couldn't imagine a time when I could do FB lives, webinars, promote my business to my friends and network and now I don't think twice about it! Alex is always super open and has a brilliant ability to create a great environment for growth and learning. I hugely benefited from her honesty and keeping me accountable. Altogether, I made great progress in getting my business up and running. I got my branding done, target market defined, packages defined, website up and lots more. This helped to increase my confidence and got me visible online."

Helen Munshi
Business Strategist, Founder of www.thestartupstudio.co.uk, UK

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