CEO 12 Week Transformation Program

So You’re Ready To Stop Dabbling, Get In The Game And Create Serious Breakthroughs?

Hi! I'm Alex & I'm So Happy That You're Here!

There’s nothing that makes me happier than when I hear about my clients’ powerful breakthroughs and how they’re making the impossible possible. 
It really doesn't matter whether you’re brand new, or stalled in your business for few years and think that maybe the online business just isn’t going to work for you or… if you’re an experienced online entrepreneur but you’re barely holding it together. I can help. 
With nearly 6000 coaching hours delivered one on one to clients from various backgrounds I know one thing for sure. 
Strategy is not enough. You need more. I work with you on a deep, transformational level and you build the character you need to have so you can make your dream a reality. 

My Special Powers Include:

Please note that those are just some of the areas I cover with my clients. Your program will be 100% tailored to your goals.

  • Creating strong foundations. There is a HUGE difference between getting lucky and getting some cash or some clients in business and creating a business that runs like a well oiled machine and just keeps getting stronger and stronger with time. No more shortcuts.
  • Confidence, confidence, confidence! It is in action and overcoming your challenges that true confidence is developed. I will be here, just by your side as you courageously go after what’s rightfully yours! 
  • CEO You. Your business will only grow as much as YOU so personal mastery is key in my work. This is way MORE than just mindset work you read online. I work with you as a whole person, not just your business. Why? Because your business starts with you and YOU are the most important component of it! 
  • Online presence and crafting your messaging… You’ll create a compelling online presence that’s unique to you and entices your clients to buy from you. 
  • Sales! Sales, sales, sales!!! If you need to work on your sales you couldn’t be in better hands! I’m a self confessed former sales disaster who was so terrible at sales I didn’t get my certification just because I was required to sell $50 coaching sessions and yeap… I was so terrified of sales I simply couldn’t do it! I know what it takes to truly transform sales! Whether that’s selling your online products or getting clients on the phone, we’ll get you STRONG skills in this area. 
  • Creating offers, products, courses. You’ll create new offering for your business and more cashflow. Yesss! 
  • Most importantly… this is an ACTION TAKING program, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone and held accountable but I will also fiercely believe in you and you’ll have my very hands on, high level support and you will create amazing results. 

Here's How We'll Work Together:

  • 12 weeks. You will have 12 x 45mins weekly calls with me, full access to me between calls via voice messages/email. 
  • Free access to my products and resources.
  • We’ll get you started with a thorough assessment. Once your goals are clarified, you’ll get into action. I can’t stress enough that this is an action taking program so you need to be ready to get out of your comfort zone, GET ALL IN AND GO FOR IT! 
  • You’ll have my full support and accountability, my clients rave about the in between sessions access to me as it feels like I’m right there with you. 
  • It will be challenging but also the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done! 

How To Apply

  • The 12 weeks program is by application only as this is intense work and we need to be the right fit since we will be spending a lot of time together. I’m very hands on and not limited to just your sessions. You will have email access to me and it’s common for a client to get a voice message from me middle of the day checking up on you. When you’re my client, I’m here for you and will do whatever it takes to see you succeed. Definitely prepared to go the extra mile and give you that push to see your most empowered version of you in action! 
  • Ok! If you’ve read all this and feel excited about this kind of intense, full on work then go ahead and apply now! I can’t want to meet you! 
  • I'll be in touch shortly after I've reviewed your application. 

"My main struggle was sales calls, I was terrified of them! I had no problem in booking them but just couldn’t convert them into clients and my energy was dropping every time I was talking about money. After going in depth into what was actually stopping me and really getting to the bottom of why my sales calls were not producing results, I now can drop so deep with a client and make them an incredible offer that feels so good and I’m totally unapologetic. Alex is very strong and did not let me off the hook until I knew exactly what I was doing wrong and how to fix it to get results. It was tense at times but she is fierce about her clients getting the transformation they came for. Thank you so much! "

Eugina Oleinikova
Pleasure, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, UK

"I have achieved my highest paid month ever since working with Alex! It was a 10/10 investment I made in my business! Before I was frustrated and was struggling to make consistent monthly income and lacked confidence and business structures. I love Alex’s direct approach which can be challenging at times but I know that it comes from a place of being committed to me success. Her non compromise accountability has allowed me to finally achieve the up level I was looking for. I am finally growing into the inspirational 6 figure woman I aspire to be."

Sophie Wedlock
Nutritional Therapist, UK

"Alex is an amazing business coach and mentor. She competently took me through the start up phase of my business, breaking down what felt like an overwhelmingly large task into manageable steps, helping to prioritise these with me, and then helping to keep me focused and accountable to deliver. The strength of being coached by Alex is that not only does she understand and get the business side of things, she is also a brilliant mindset coach. This sometimes means going places that are uncomfortable - but are necessary - to get the breakthroughs to really push forward. In the time I worked with Alex, I went from not wanting to be visible and finding money a 'dirty' topic, to launching my website, learning to network, attending an expo and booking myself in as a speaker - as well as not being afraid to now confidently ask for what I am worth because I have shifted my money mindset and see it as an energy/value exchange. Being coached by Alex really has been a life changing experience. I have already recommended Alex to a friend, and if you are looking for a business coach that will go on the journey with you, won't take your BS, but always is coming from a place of love, then I highly recommend her to you as well!"

Lindsey Hood
Imposter Syndrome Coach

"Alex is an absolutely genius mindset coach and I really value everything she did around this. She also kept me brilliantly accountable! I was very worried about being visible in my business and couldn't imagine a time when I could do FB lives, webinars, promote my business to my friends and network and now I don't think twice about it! Alex is always super open and has a brilliant ability to create a great environment for growth and learning. I hugely benefited from her honesty and keeping me accountable. Altogether, I made great progress in getting my business up and running. I got my branding done, target market defined, packages defined, website up and lots more. This helped to increase my confidence and got me visible online."

Helen Munshi
Business Strategist, Founder of, UK

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