"My main struggle was sales calls, I was terrified of them! I had no problem in booking them but just couldn’t convert them into clients and my energy was dropping every time I was talking about money. After going in depth into what was actually stopping me and really getting to the bottom of why my sales calls were not producing results, I now can drop so deep with a client and make them an incredible offer that feels so good and I’m totally unapologetic. Alex is very strong and did not let me off the hook until I knew exactly what I was doing wrong and how to fix it to get results. It was tense at times but she is fierce about her clients getting the transformation they came for. Thank you so much! "

Eugina Oleinikova
Pleasure, Intimacy and Relationship Coach, UK

"I have achieved my highest paid month ever since working with Alex! It was a 10/10 investment I made in my business! Before I was frustrated and was struggling to make consistent monthly income and lacked confidence and business structures. I love Alex’s direct approach which can be challenging at times but I know that it comes from a place of being committed to me success. Her non compromise accountability has allowed me to finally achieve the up level I was looking for. I am finally growing into the inspirational 6 figure woman I aspire to be."

Sophie Wedlock
Nutritional Therapist, UK

"Alex is an amazing business coach and mentor. She competently took me through the start up phase of my business, breaking down what felt like an overwhelmingly large task into manageable steps, helping to prioritise these with me, and then helping to keep me focused and accountable to deliver. The strength of being coached by Alex is that not only does she understand and get the business side of things, she is also a brilliant mindset coach. This sometimes means going places that are uncomfortable - but are necessary - to get the breakthroughs to really push forward. In the time I worked with Alex, I went from not wanting to be visible and finding money a 'dirty' topic, to launching my website, learning to network, attending an expo and booking myself in as a speaker - as well as not being afraid to now confidently ask for what I am worth because I have shifted my money mindset and see it as an energy/value exchange. Being coached by Alex really has been a life changing experience. I have already recommended Alex to a friend, and if you are looking for a business coach that will go on the journey with you, won't take your BS, but always is coming from a place of love, then I highly recommend her to you as well!"

Lindsey Hood
Imposter Syndrome Coach

"Alex is an absolutely genius mindset coach and I really value everything she did around this. She also kept me brilliantly accountable! I was very worried about being visible in my business and couldn't imagine a time when I could do FB lives, webinars, promote my business to my friends and network and now I don't think twice about it! Alex is always super open and has a brilliant ability to create a great environment for growth and learning. I hugely benefited from her honesty and keeping me accountable. Altogether, I made great progress in getting my business up and running. I got my branding done, target market defined, packages defined, website up and lots more. This helped to increase my confidence and got me visible online."

Helen Munshi
Business Strategist, UK

"Alex is an incredible coach! I had been wrestling with a tough business/personal decision for a few weeks, going back and forth trying to figure out what was going to be the most beneficial for my business. She cut straight to the heart of the problem and in less than an hour I felt confident knowing exaclty what I had to do. Her insights were incredible and her ability to share a personal story with me made me feel super at ease and instantly brought the clarity I was looking for. I cannot recommend her enough. She is so real and down to earth, which is so important in a coaching relationship!"

Kristen Meyers
Relationship Coach, Canada

"Alex was definitely the right Coach to work with to push me out of my comfort zone. I felt it was time to take my business to the next level and I wanted to develop the confidence and business approach I needed in that step. The biggest results for me were 1. seeing myself as an entrepreneur and approaching my business as a real thing and 2. having the confidence to put myself out there to promote myself and my business. On a more tangible side, I also learned foundational business /marketing tools you need to get started that I didn't know before. Alex helped me develop the confidence I needed to approach my business precisely as a business. She gave me the tools and support that helped become an entrepreneur and see myself in this new role. Coming from 10+ years in the corporate world, it was not an easy transition and I'm thankful to Alex for her firm yet caring approach, which is what I needed in that phase of my career and life. During and between sessions, I felt Alex was fully present and doing her best to help me develop a thicker skin, get out of my head and be honest with myself. Alex has a strong ability to understand people and help them pull out the best in themself as well as mold themselves into who they desire to become. Throughout our work together, I felt supported, inspired and positively challenged."

Veronica Mesuraca
Branding Consultant, Dubai

"Working with Alex surpassed my expectations - and as a coach my expectations were really high! She's sharp yet a great listener, strategic and human, firm and empathetic. I had a feeling she'd be good, and she was even better. I gained a lot of self-confidence - that's the main thing! I clarified my thinking regarding my goals and now I have a strategy for promoting my work. I gained so much from the coaching - I learnt lots, I felt challenged and supported at the same time, and there was a good balance of feeling inspired whilst having practical things to apply."

Gaelle Tuffigo
Mindfulness Coach, France

"I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and support Alex has provided. Her follow up support is priceless and has already saved me tones of time and frustration trying to come up with best strategy... Absolutely brilliant! Alex has a very direct yet gentle approach. She has a skill to combine both in one. I felt very focused on the session and listened to each clever comment she made whilst feeling at ease and that she took my hand through the process and felt like she is my best honest friend. I have connected with her from the start and loved every minute of our Intensive!"

Gosia Scarrott
Soulful Stylist, UK

"Working with Alex was refreshing. In every sense of the word. We refreshed my perspective and understanding around my area of struggle (major A-HA moment), and refreshed my excitement to work on something I had been putting off for quite some time. Not only did she help me re-frame how I saw my issue, come up with ideas on how I could move forward, but also helped me become incredibly specific on what my next steps were. We even started the process together so that when we ended our session I not only had a clear plan on how to move forward but that I already had put everything into place. It was fantastic! She was calm, warm and open to taking the session where I desired to take it, not where she thought it should go. Thank You Alex!!!!"

Adrienne Scholzberg
Success Coach, Israel

"Alex helped me at the beginning of my business, when she helped me move past some blocks that were holding me back from my own success. These blocks had been holding me back for decades, and with her help I was able to identify them and start my journey with releasing them. Through her coaching and guidance,  I gained clarity on some strategic steps that has allowed me grow my business authentically. She was non-judgmental, very supportive, and positively influenced me to appreciate my entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend working with Alex! She is an absolutely fantastic coach!"

Kim de los Reyes
Business & Success Coach, New York, US

"My coaching experience with Alex was absolutely phenomenal. Alex is such a strong, knowledgeable and inspiring woman who has accomplished so much in her own life no matter the difficulties and hardships that she had to overcome. She is very observant, structured, organized and extremely knowledgeable in the area of building and marketing an online business. She helped me overcome my insecurities around creating marketing content relatable to my target market. She also provided me with an awesome framework to be able to create marketing content daily structured around content themes. After working with Alex I gained a high level of confidence in my writing skills and my ability to connect with my fans and followers via different marketing messages and mediums."

Iva Georgieva
Brand Strategist, Indianapolis, US

"Alex helped me put a strategy in place that enabled me to grow my Instagram following from just over 100 to over 1000.  She showed me how to use hashtags, provided me with a simple action plan that I could implement quickly each day to grow my following and get more traction on Instagram. What I loved about it the most was the simplicity. I knew exactly what to spend my time on and what I should stop doing as I was wasting the time on the unimportant, Alex clarified all that for me. Without her help I'm sure I would still be struggling."

Jane Borthen
Success Coach for Health Coaches, UK

"Alex Rudnicka is practical and dynamic coach. She has great understanding how to work with people and human psychology. I can tell her tribe will be easy to grow, for she will attract the bravest, most generous souls and sharpest minds to her tribe. Before I worked with her, it was hard for make certain business decisions, she helped me to see the effects of my choices and propelled me to actions. She is a coach that helps you understand how to align your mind and your business structures to create the life and business you desire."

Laurel Lau
Transformational Coach, UK

"Alex is a phenomenal Coach! Her powerful questioning, and thorough approach enabled me to get clear on actions I need to take to achieve my goals, and get in reality on what it would require of me.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects required in running an online business, and her advise in just one session saved me literally thousands of pounds. She is clearly passionate about her Clients’ success, and an absolute delight to work with. I recommend her unreservedly."

Maxine Nwaneri
Success Coach, Norway

"Alex helped me cut through my own BS. I was feeling confused and going in circles underneath and trying to hold it together on the outside. She helped me explore what I was saying and we eliminated all of the things I seemed to be dabbling in (but really I didnt want to be!). She also picked up on something I wanted to explore through social media marketing that I really did want help with but felt embarrassed to ask anyone. With just a few instant tweaks I was getting the results immediately, amazing. Thank you."

Hayley Henderson
Dating Coach, Australia

"Working with Alex has been absolutely wonderful. Her grace and softness partnered with a deep sense of awareness into the person she is working with is truly remarkable. As a client, you feel that she is completely present with you, listening to and hearing everything you say. She has an uncanny ability to reflect back what you are saying into simple concise points so to help you better understand where you are and where you want to go. Her tell-it-like it is attitude truly helps you step up to the plate so to truly get your stuff DONE! If you are on the fence about working with her, follow your gut and say YES to yourself!"

Elizabeth Gormly De Moraes
Health and Success Coach, "Unleash Your Inner Celebrity!™, Dallas, US

"Coaching with Alex has created a huge shift in my online coaching business. She helped me to get clear on my target market and on other issues that kept me stuck in my business for some time. Her powerful questions took me right to the root of my blocks and that allowed me to make a clear decision on moving forward! Alex was very supportive and compassionate but at the same time very concrete and straight forward with what I needed to work on to achieve the results I desire. I would highly recommend working with Alex if you want to take your business to the next level!"

Sylwia Eli
Success Coach For Women, Uk

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